Help – Account

Register new account

There are 2 ways to open a trading account at Pinetree, which are:

1. Opening account online: After registering successfully, the Customer Service Department will contact Customer to confirm Customer’s information as their registered mobile numbers. After that, Pinetree will send a whole document to Customer’s mailing address. Finally, after Customer returns the signed document and certified copy of ID, Pinetree will active Customer’s trading account at VSD.

Online account opening guidance HERE

2. Opening account at the Pinetree’s counters: Customer brings valid documents to open a trading account and the process will be completed within 3 minutes.

Suspend account

Step by step process:

Step 1: Customer please contacts the Customer Service Department to check account information before closing

Step 2: Customer please fills out the Account Closing Request completely and accurately (2 papers).

Step 3: Customer please sends Account Closing Request paper and necessary and relevant papers to Pinetree.

Step 4: After finishing closing account, Pinetree will give Customer 01 Account Closing Request paper certified by Pinetree.

Change owner info

Step-by-step Process:

Step 1: In order to adjust information, please fills fully and exactly Request for Amendment and Supplement, then send back to Pinetree with ID (individual) or Business Registration Certificate (certified copy) and Legal Authoriser Agreement (institution).

NOTE: In case of indentified information adjustment, Customer please attach Copy paper of customer’s indentified information (not apply in case of adress adjusment).

Step 2: As soon as receive requirement of customer, Pinetree will check and return Customer 01 Request for Amendment and Supplement paper, and notify as soon as adjustment confirmed.