Help – FAQ

Opening/Closing account

  • Do I have to pay account opening and maintenance fees when opening a trading account at Pinetree?

Customers opening a securities account at Pinetree do not take account opening fee or account maintenance fee.

  • What does foreign individual Investor need to do when wanting to open a trading account?

In case of having a certificate of registration of transaction code:

– Passport (certified copy)

– Certificate of trading code registration (certified copy)

– Indirect investment account (for non-residents)

In case there is no certificate of registration of transaction code:

– Passport (certified copy)

– Certificate of securities trading code – Appendix 2 – TT213 – BTC

– Certificate of securities trading code – Appendix 3 – TT213 – BTC (in case the Customer authorizes Pinetree to register the transaction code)

  • What does Domestic Institution need to do when wanting to open a trading account?

Customers who are domestic organizations want to open a securities account at Pinetree only need to provide the following documents:

– Business registration certificate (notarized copy)

– Certificate of legal representative (if the certificate of business registration does not indicate the name of the legal representative)

– ID card of the legal representative (copy)

– Registration of tax code (certified copy)

– Registration of seal sample (certified copy)

– Authorization contract (if any) with ID card of authorized person

  • Can Customer mandate for multiple people to trade when opening a trading account?

You may authorize multiple transactions, but you must ensure that:

– Certified by local authorities or notarized in accordance with law.

– Authorized person is not allowed to conduct transactions with himself or with a third person to whom he / she is an authorized person.

– The authorization contract must specify the scope of authorization.

– Do not authorize the same content to multiple people.

  • How many ways can Customer amend the account information?

There are two ways to change stock trading account information:

  1. Changes at Pinetree transaction points;
  2. Pinetree sends the Request for modification / supplementation information to the Customer. Customer supplements the information and sends it back to Pinetree.
  • Can Customer open a new trading account at Pinetree while owning one at other securities company?

You can open an additional trading account at Pinetree. Each Customer is allowed to open an account at a Securities Company.

Cash transactions

  • How many ways to deposit cash into the trading account?

There are two ways to deposit money into a securities account:

– Online transactions: Internet banking / Mobile banking

– Conducting transactions at the bank counter

Pinetree bank account information HERE.

  • How long is cash available after Customer deposits cash into the trading account at the bank counters?

– For transactions during office hours, money will be credited to the account right after the successful transaction.

– Outside working hours or non-syntax transactions in remittance instructions will be processed on the next business day.

  • How many beneficiary accounts can I register to transfer cash?

As long as the bank account is the owner of the customer, there is no limit to the number of accounts.

  • What should I do if I want to withdraw cash?

There are 2 ways to withdraw money:

  1. Take your identification card to the Pinetree transaction point and make a withdrawal request.
  2. You perform online on webtrading or mobile app of Pinetree.

Customer support

  • How do I contact Pinetree if I want to consult?

To be consulted and supported by Pinetree about its products and services, customers contact us via:

  1. Hotline: 024 6282 3535
  2. Email:
  3. Vchat on wesbite:
  4. Pinetree’s fanpage:
  • What should I do if I want to send feedback/questions?

To send comments / questions to Pinetree, please send information via email: