Cash transactions

  • How many ways to deposit cash into the trading account?

There are two ways to deposit money into a securities account:

– Online transactions: Internet banking / Mobile banking

– Conducting transactions at the bank counter

Pinetree bank account information HERE.

  • How long is cash available after Customer deposits cash into the trading account at the bank counters?

– For transactions during office hours, money will be credited to the account right after the successful transaction.

– Outside working hours or non-syntax transactions in remittance instructions will be processed on the next business day.

  • How many beneficiary accounts can I register to transfer cash?

As long as the bank account is the owner of the customer, there is no limit to the number of accounts.

  • What should I do if I want to withdraw cash?

There are 2 ways to withdraw money:

  1. Take your identification card to the Pinetree transaction point and make a withdrawal request.
  2. You perform online on webtrading or mobile app of Pinetree.