Frequently asked question (FAQ)

  • What is margin service?

Margin is a service that allows investors to borrow money from Pinetree to buy securities with a value greater than the investor’s real assets in the securities account.

  • What is margin account? How do I open a margin account?

To use the margin service, investors must open a margin account at Pinetree. To open a margin account, investors have 2 ways:

Option 1: Bring ID card to Pinetree’s transaction counter to open an account and sign a margin contract.

Option 2: Open an online account at the link: and then follow the instructions of Pinetree’s Customer Service Department.

  • How long after completing the margin contract can I use the service?

Right after the margin contract is completed (with full signature of customer, signature and stamp of Pinetree), customers can use margin.

  • Why should I use margin service? Margin benefits?

Margin services allow you to invest in securities with a value greater than the actual money available, so you can take advantage of bullish opportunities to optimize profitability.

  • When trading on a margin account, do I have to bear interest? What is Pinetree’s margin rate?

On the margin account, if you buy the stock within the amount you actually have (not borrowed) then you don’t have to pay any interest. Only when the transaction exceeds the actual amount, the interest rate of 9% / year (0.025% / day) will be charged for the loan portion.

  • What is the margin portfolio? Loan rates of 30%, 40%, 50% are stars?

Pinetree’s margin portfolio specifies the codes with margin service, which means that customers will be able to borrow when trading these securities and / or use these stocks as collateral to buy these securities. other stock codes.

Lending rate sets the amount a customer can borrow based on collateral.

Example: Customer has 100 million VND in margin account and currently Pinetree is lending VNM code at a rate of 40%. Thus, the maximum amount a customer can borrow when buying VNM :

* Note: The above calculation does not include factors affecting the collateral value and other fees.

  • What is a maximum term loan? What happens if I have not paid my loan at the end of the loan term?

A loan at Pinetree has a maximum term of 90 days. As the maturity date approaches, Pinetree will notify the customer. Customers can request an extension of the loan for another 90 days (up to 1 time) or make repayment to settle the loan

  • Why do I have money but can’t buy stocks?

Currently, customers cannot trade securities codes that are not in the loan portfolio of the HSX and HNX.

  • Why do I have money on my margin account but can’t withdraw?

In case the margin account still has outstanding balance, customers need to pay off all loans before withdrawing money from the account. For customers with accounts belonging to all 3 groups as follows:

  1. Positive pending cash within the day
  2. Margin rate over 50%
  3. No overdue or due debt within the next 5 working days.

Customers can call Pinetree’s Customer Care Call Center to request a withdrawal. After withdrawal, the margin ratio on the account must be at least 50%.

  • Is there a way for me to pay off margin debt without selling stock?

Instead of selling stocks, customers can deposit money into their margin accounts to pay debts.

  • Why are there many good codes lending by other securities companies but Pinetree is not allowed to enter the margin portfolio?

The margin portfolio is selected based on the criteria set by the securities company, so the margin portfolio in each securities company may not be the same. Pinetree’s margin portfolio is carefully and continuously selected based on basic corporate criteria, as well as price and volume to help clients trade high-quality stocks with large but still-limited returns. processing the risk.

  • What are Pinetree’s retention, call margin and forcesell ratios? Will the company notify me when my account reaches the above rates? And how to handle it?

The current rate set according to Pinetree is as follows:

  1. Margin rate maintained: 40%
  2. Call margin rate: 35%
  3. Force-sell rate: 30%

When the customer’s margin rate reaches these levels, Pinetree will contact the customer to take a proactive and timely action plan to bring the rate to a safe level. If the customer cannot take the initiative, Pinetree will assist customers to sell debt repayment shares to bring the ratio to the safe level as pre-described.

  • What is Pinetree’s debt collection mechanism? How to pay the debt yourself (pay off manually)?

After 15:00 daily, the Pinetree system will base on the amount on the customer’s margin account to automatically collect debt (interest + principal). To make manual repayment, customers operate on Pinetree’s transaction channels as instructed.

  • How to transfer money / securities from regular account to margin account?

To transfer money / securities from a regular account to a margin account, customers follow the instructions.