Help – Money Transfer

Cash deposit

Pinetree currently has owned three bank accounts, including:

1. BIDV Ha Thanh Branch – Account number: 1221.0000.612102

2. Vietcombank Transaction Center – Account number: 0011.000.228228

3. Techcombank Dong Do Branch – Account number: 1912.0004.074056 

When depositing/transferring cash, Client please fills the information of Bank-Branch, Pinetree account number and the following contents accurately:

1. Beneficiary name: CTCP Chung khoan Pinetree

2. Content:

Deposit cash into Securities Account 010F____ (Customer’s account number) of _____ (Account holder’s name)

Note: In case the transfer memo is invalid, please check at the bank which process the transaction.

Cash withdrawal

Customers can request to transfer money from securities trading account through the following forms:

1. Request money transfer directly at Pinetree Headquarters

Please present ID card, fill in information and sign the transfer request.

2. Request Money Transfer via Pinetree Hotline

Please use the phone number when opening an account to call Pinetree on (024) 6282 3535. You can only transfer money from the securities depository account to the bank account with the customer name.

3. Trading through PINETREE PRO TRADING

You login and transfer money HERE

Visit the guide HERE