Transfer of rights to purchase additional issued shares

The dossier of transfer of the right to purchase additional issued securities includes:

  • 03 copies of the application for transfer of securities purchase rights (Form 18 / THQ);
  • ID card (for individuals) or business registration (notarized photocopies) and legal authorization paper / contract (for organizations).

Steps to follow:

If you wish to transfer the right to buy securities, please fill in the Request Form (Form 18 / THQ) (03 copies) and return it to Pinetree staff. Include ID card (for individuals) or Business Registration (notarized photocopy) and Legal Authorization Document (for organizations).

Immediately after receiving the request for the transfer of securities, Pinetree will check and request customers to pay tax on the transfer of right to buy securities (if any). If all valid documents, Pinetree will transfer the right to buy at the request of customers.