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Brokerage is our core business. With an effort to bring excellent products to the community, Pinetree diversifies services to support trading and investing.


Cash advance

Client can immediately spend their cash right after selling order is matched, without waiting for payment on T+2. At the settlement day, Client’s selling stock cash will be deducted to pay Cash Advance and Cash Advance Fee.


Margin service

This service increases buying power by mortgaging shares in margin eligibility list. The interest rate of this service is just only 9% per year.

Pinetree’s preferential services

At Pinetree, we are committed to supply special products and services to help investors optimize transactions with lifetime preferences.

Trading fee

*Excluding fees for Stock Exchanges

Margin / Cash advance interest rate

Apply for all clients

Lifetime policy

Our preferential services with unlimited life cycle will support customers in optimizing trading performance anytime, anywhere

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Corporate finance advisory

With the capacity and experiences in corporate finance advisory, Pinetree is represented in our IB Profile. Specifically, Pinetree has advised 105 partners with 150 successful deals. Moreover, Pinetree provides a whole range of capital market, credit market, M&A and corporate finance.

Corporate finance advisory

  • Listing advisory
  • Restructuring and planning equitisation strategy
  • Capital management consulting
  • Divestment consultancy

Capital and credit market

  • Pre-IPO
  • IPO
  • Additional offering
  • Shareholder management
  • Loan settlements
  • Loan syndication

Merger and acquisition

  • Buy side advisory
  • Sell side advisory
  • Private offering