Happy new year with lucky package “Margin 6.8%”

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January 5, 2020

As a lucky New Year’s gift, Pinetree Securities is pleased to launch the “Margin 6.8%” package that applied to all margin portfolio and all customers.


Accordingly, customers who have trading accounts at Pinetree Securities will be enjoyed the margin / cash advance interest rate of 6.8% – the lowest interest rate in the market.

Detailed information is as follows:

  • Margin / Cash advance interest rate: 6.8%
  • Maximum loan ratio: 50%
  • Applicable portfolio: whole stocks of Pinetree’s margin list
    (Margin list)
  • Applicable time: Disbursement from 6/1/2020 to 29/2/2020 until customer’s settlement.

Wishing investors a successful trading!

Open an account here to enjoy the new policy of PINETREE.



Common questions about Lucky Margin 6.8%:

Q: Who are the applicable subjects of the Margin 6.8% package and are there any conditions?
A: The Margin 6.8% package applies to all customers who have trading account at Pinetree (both current and new customers), and do not have any additional conditions.

Q: How long is the maximum loan term?
A: The maximum term of a loan is 3 months. Customers can request a maximum extension of 1 time. However, the Margin 6.8% Package does not apply to extended loans.

Q: What does the period between 6/1/2020 and 2/29/2020 mean?
A: The Margin 6.8% package applies to all loans incurred from 6/1/2020 to 2/29/2020. Preferential interest rate of 6.8% will be applied until the customers fully settle these loans.

Q: What is the maximum loan rate? Which stocks does the margin package 6.8% apply?
A: The Margin 6.8% package applies to all Pinetree’s current margin list. The maximum loan ratio for a margin stock is 50%.