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Stock123 is a stock learning app developed by Pinetree Securities with the desire to bring an interesting and effective learning – practicing environment.

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Trusted by 200k customers.

Hundreds of stock lessons from basic to advanced level are presented vividly, intuitively and friendly for beginners.


Trusted by 200k customers.

The virtual investing feature based on real – time data of the stock market helps learners gain experiences and then smoothly join in the real one.

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Trusted by 200k customers.

Learning becomes even more exciting as you earn recognition medals in challenge feature.


Trusted by 200k customers.

Investors can ask questions, answer and share investment experiences, connect with friends right in the Stock123 app.

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Customers love it


“Using Stock123, I only need to spend 10-15 minutes a day to learning because of lessons are divided into small modules. I like to practice virtual investment the most, with this feature I can accumulate real trading experience."

Đinh Thùy Linh


“I have worked in the banking industry for many years, I want to learn about the stock market many times, but it was really not easy to find concentrated and easy to understand knowledge until I knew Stock123.”

Nguyen Huynh Tri

Bank clerk

“The thing that makes me hesitate the most when participating in the stock market without really understanding it, the virtual investment feature helps me to be confident before participating in the real market.”

Nguyen Tu Linh

IT specialist

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