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PineB is a form of investment in corporate bond distributed by Pinetree, providing a stable and high return for Investors.

Why invest in PineB

Pinetree designs a variety of investment solutions with flexible liquidity, suitable for all investors' needs, helping to grow capital steadily in the long term.


Safe & Secure

Bonds are all issued by reputable companies, which are rigorously appraised and invested by Pinetree.

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Secure Advance trading

We integrated and implemented many features and functions into the WTS platform to support investors who need more advanced trading platform for higher performance of their investment.

  • Real-time price board by exchanges for intuitive market price view. It also provide “Watch list” function for more cumstomized price view.
  • Enhanced portfolio management and asset structuring.
  • Advanced conditional orders for building portfolio, profit-gain and loss-cut.

High profit margin

High interest rate outperform bank savings rate and is competitive with other bonds in the market.



Diversified term

Investor can choose from different investment terms, ensuring a steady cash flow and good investment return



Flexible buy & sell

Investors can buy/sell at any time during the bond holding period.


PineB catalog

The PineB bond portfolio is all issued by reputable businesses with the most attractive interest rate in the market.

Bond Name Interest up to Remaining tenor Remaining Amount Actions
4 steps to start an investment


Customer learns about Pinetree bond being offered for sale at, chooses the right product for their need and calculates estimated profit.


Open an online trading account at Alphatrading app or to trade bond totally online


Customers log in their account at or Alphatrading app


Customers choose the bond and place an order to buy and sell bonds online

Note: Investing in bonds is an investment with risk and return is not guaranteed, just like investing in stocks and fund certificates. This is not a savings deposit product at a bank. Investors need to carefully refer to product documents and transaction documents to understand the risks before deciding to participate.

Learn more about bond

Provide the most basic knowledge for investors to better understand the bond market.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Do I need to sign a hard copy contract if I buy bonds at Pinetree?

    For listed bonds, customers do not need to sign a hard copy contract. Customers can place orders to buy bonds through the Company’s platforms (Alphatrading, WTS).

  • Can I sell a hold-to-maturity bond prior to maturity?

    Customers can sell bonds prior to maturity.

  • Is it sure that Pinetree will buy back the investor's bonds?

    Pinetree only offers liquidity support for the bonds distributed by Pinetree and bonds bought by investors from Pinetree. The liquidity support service offered by Pinetree will be at an appropriate call price under market conditions at times during the maturity of the Bonds

  • What are the types of taxes I have to pay when investing in bonds?

    According to Vietnam’s current regulations, individual investors are subject to the following taxes when buying corporate bonds:

    • Tax when receiving bond interest: 5% charged on bond interest
    • Tax when selling bonds: 0.1% charged on bonds selling price

    For bonds that are held to maturity, the bond principal is not subject to PIT.

    The interest rates announced by Pinetree are the rates before taxes and transaction fees.

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