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Invest in the trends you think will change our economy by investing thematically.

Why invest in PineFolio of Pinetree?

Pinetree researches, builds and recommends portfolios under the “Thematic Investment” strategy to provide “Long-term Growth Opportunities”, “Reasonable Asset Allocation” and with appropriate investment capital.


Reducing risk

Reducing the concentration risk of investing in individual companies while providing more precise exposure with developing economy.

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Risk Advance trading

We integrated and implemented many features and functions into the WTS platform to support investors who need more advanced trading platform for higher performance of their investment.

  • Real-time price board by exchanges for intuitive market price view. It also provide “Watch list” function for more cumstomized price view.
  • Enhanced portfolio management and asset structuring.
  • Advanced conditional orders for building portfolio, profit-gain and loss-cut.


Investing for your future by investing in the future today, through the forces shaping our economy and society.




Efficiently include exposure to megatrends of economy in your portfolio without excessive risk.




Designed to capture companies poised for long-term growth through by researched and stress-tested by professional.


Our Strategies

“Thematic Investing” describes investment approaches which focus on certain economic, corporate, social or technological themes, rather than specific companies or sectors, enabling investors to access the long-term trends or transition, regardless of their region or sector classifications, changing the way you work or live.

Companies are growing ever more widely and multi-sector in their approach, but many investors’ approach to equities remains the same. This means that investors could be missing out on potentially higher equity returns by continuing to base their equity allocation solely on traditional geographic or sector approaches. We believe that investment sector definitions must evolve to meet the reality that the economy is increasingly complicated and connected than ever before.

We’ve identified trends or transitions that we believe will shape the way companies operate in future or change the way we work or live, which will also have a radical impact on equity investors and give investors access to the best opportunities for long-term structural growth.

A thematic investment approach aims to help investors:

  • Tap into drivers of long-term change and growth
  • Better identify companies’ longer-term prospects
  • Articulate particular investment convictions

We believe that thematic investing should fundamentally seek long-term outcomes for investors and is therefore a rational rather than fashionable approach. While a theme can cover just about any trend you can imagine, the most successful ones tend to be clearly definable, investible, revenue-generative, and long-term.

While thematic investing generally outperforms in the long run, it can be risky. To keep your risk under control, our portfolios include “rebalancing” to make exposed with risk at comfortable point with your risk appetite.

Our Themes

To help people invest in the companies that are embracing these changes, we established our internal team capabilities to incorporate the main trends that we believe represent the future for long-term fundamental growth investing.

Live Green - Eat Clean < Live Green - Eat Clean
Start date 20/03/2023
Performance -0,39 %
Up Vietnam < Up Vietnam
Start date 20/03/2023
Performance -0,63 %
Pinefolio Signature < Pinefolio Signature
Start date 04/04/2024
Performance -0,36 %
Pinefolio Infrastructure < Pinefolio Infrastructure
Start date 19/06/2024
Performance -0,99 %
Quy trình giao dịch PineFolio


Pinetree staff will help customers to understand the terms related to PineFolio


Customers provide documents, Pinetree to prove their status as foreign investors


After being proven as a foreign investor, the customer sends a request to buy PineFolio


Pinetree staff will assist customers to complete the PineFolio purchase procedure

Note: Capital at Risk: No assurance can be given that the value of investments and the income from them can rise as well as fall. Investors can lose some or all of the amount originally invested. Our investment themes are subject to risks including counterparty risk, credit risk, geopolitical risk, liquidity risk, market risk and other risk of economy.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What are PineFolio?

    “PineFolio” is an investment in a portfolio of specific investment themes established by Pinetree that offers “Long Term Growth Opportunities” and “Reasonable Asset Allocation” with a suitable investment capital.

    “PineFolio” is “Invest in transformation trends, shaping the economy and society today”.

  • Does Pinetree provide advance payment service for PineFolio Portfolio?

    YES, currently PineFolio is a portfolio of listed stocks. Therefore, according to the regulations of the Stock Exchange, if the customers sell on T-day, they will only be able to receive money on T+2 day.

    In case there is a need for liquidity, customers can use advance payment service for the sale of listed stocks. Charge time is 02 days (weekends, holidays can be added if any).

  • Do I need to sign a hard copy contract when I buy PineFolio Portfolio at Pinetree?

    Currently, PineFolio product is deploying completely online on Pinetree’s transaction channels (app and web), including and not limited to the steps of creating a portfolio trading sub-account (“PF Sub-Account”) as well as subsequent trading activities.

  • Can I trade PineFolio Portfolio on the “Regular Sub-Account” or “Margin Sub-Account”?

    NO. Customers need to create a PF Sub-Account – a sub-account for portfolio trading – by signing the “Registration cum Portfolio Trading Contract” in an online form through Pinetree’s trading channels (app and web).

  • Can I use the Margin Lending service when I purchase PineFolio Portfolio?

    NO. The customers are not allowed to use Margin Lending service when purchasing PineFolio Portfolio. PineFolio Portfolio can only be purchased by cash or advance payment.

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