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Terms and conditions for joining the program “Friend Referral”
News January 14, 2022

Terms and conditions for joining the program “Friend Referral”

Terms and conditions for joining the program “Friend Referral”


  • Receive a successful referral gift cash in case the referrer opens a securities account at Pinetree Securities Joint Stock Company (hereinafter referred to as: Pinetree for short).
  • The number of gift cash received will be equivalent to the number of people who successfully open an account with the referrer’s referral code.

Referees who enter the referral code will receive:

  • Receive a Welcome gift cash of Pinetree if they successfully open a stock trading account.


  • Application period: from January 21, 2022 until further notice.
  • Giftcash value: VND 100,000/each successful invitation.
  • Giftcash after your successful referral can be converted into cash under Gift Cash account and can only be used to place orders to buy securities on PineX application.
  • Securities for which giftcash are used to place orders will be regulated by Pinetree from time to time.
  • When placing an order and using a gift cash, you can only use one of the following orders:
    • ATO
    • MP
    • ATC
  • In case the order is not matched, the used giftcash will not be refunded for the next transaction.


  • Referers who already have a PineX Account or a Securities Account at Pinetree can participate in the program. To receive the program’s giftcash, the referrer’s account must be upgraded to a checking account at Pinetree.
  • The referred person does not have a current account at Pinetree and opens a new account for the first time with an unused ID, phone number, and email. The trading account should be upgraded from PineX application. If customer upgrade trading account through other channels, the welcome Gift cash will be invalid.
  • There is no limit to the number of Referrals for one Referrer and will be expired after 100 days.
  • Customer opened PineX account from PineX application before January, 21st 2022 will be applied the Giftcash value as old policy.
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