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Pinetree: Free lifetime transaction
News December 5, 2019

Pinetree: Free lifetime transaction

Pinetree: Free lifetime transaction

On December 5, 2019, HFT Securities Corporation officially changed its name to Pinetree Securities Corporation, and moved its headquarters to the 20th Floor, TNR Tower Building, 54A Nguyen Chi Thanh, Hanoi.

Pinetree means pine, this is a symbol of trust, frankly. With that meaning, Pinetree Securities will be a reliable companion with investors with a team of dedicated experts and product packages geared to customer needs.

On the occasion of changing the head office and launching a new brand, Pinetree is pleased to announce a new policy on securities transaction fees with lifetime incentives, specifically as follows:

New fee schedule:

  • Transaction fee: 0%
  • Margin / cash advance interest rate: 9% / year
  • Application period: From December 5, 2019
  • Subjects of application: All customers having a trading account at Pinetree, including normal accounts and margin. (The above fee does not include the fee paid to the Stock Exchange as prescribed)

As a member of HISC (Hanwha Investment Securities Co. Ltd) and Hanwha parent group, Pinetree Securities has a charter capital of VND 600 billion. Pinetree receives a lot of support from the parent company regarding capital, brand, management and especially the modern and advanced information technology system to promote development in Vietnam’s stock market.

As part of its expansion and market development strategy, Pinetree will build an integrated online financial services platform to become a leading digital securities firm in Vietnam. Moreover, Pinetree is committed to designing more and more preferential products and services to support domestic investors as much as possible.

Investors need support, please contact via channels:

Wishing investors a successful trading!

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