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Pinetree Vietnam Securities brand launch ceremony
News December 5, 2019

Pinetree Vietnam Securities brand launch ceremony

Pinetree Vietnam Securities brand launch ceremony

Hanwha Investment & Securities solemnly held a new brand launch ceremony on December 4 at Marriott Hanoi Hotel. Thereby, Hanwha Investment & Securities in Vietnam was officially renamed PINETREE SECURITIES, starting to promote investment in digital financial services.

Hanwha Investment & Securities, a member of Hanwha Group, is proud of being one of the leading securities companies, going up with the development of the Korean financial market. Hanwha Group ranks 7th in terms of size among Korea’s major economic groups. In addition, Hanwha Group’s financial sector also includes leading financial companies in each field, such as Hanwha Life (ranked No. 2 in customer asset size), and Hanwha Asset Management (ranked third about the size of assets under management AUM).

Through thorough localization, Hanwha Investment & Securities will make every effort to provide optimized digital financial services to Vietnam’s financial market, thereby helping to expand its market size. market and contribute to the development of Vietnam’s financial market.

On the same day, Mr. Kwon Hee Baek, CEO of Hanwha Investment & Securities and CEOs of Hanwha Group’s member companies in Vietnam (Mr. Baek Jong Guk, CEO of Hanwha Life Vietnam; Mr. Cheon Du Hwan, CEO of Hanwha Techwin Vietnam Nam; Mr. Kim Gyeong Won, CEO of Hanwha Aerospace Vietnam, …) attended and congratulated for the new start of Pinetree Securities.

Launching ceremony of Pinetree Vietnam brand

Mr. Lee Jun Hyuck, CEO of Pinetree Securities, said: “Pinetree will make every effort to bring more value to customers through new services. From December 5, Pinetree officially launched a free lifetime trading fee policy, and hopes to receive the attention of many investors.

Many securities companies have implemented a free trading program for a short time, but Pinetree will be the first company to implement a lifetime free trading policy. The policy will apply to all customers trading online securities, for both ordinary and margin accounts. For more details, please click HERE.

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