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PTSV – System upgrade and maintenance notices
Operation news December 7, 2020

PTSV – System upgrade and maintenance notices

PTSV – System upgrade and maintenance notices

Dear Valued Customer,

Pinetree Securities Corporation (Pinetree) would like to inform the following information:

During the period from 5:30 p.m to 18:00 p.m on December 11, 2020, we will carry out system upgrades to expand our utilities and added services to customers. To ensure accurate processing during the upgrade, Pinetree will temporarily suspend all services on online transaction channels. Please DO NOT login to Pinetree Web Trading and AlphaTrading Software during this period. At the same time, the function to open a real trading account on Stock123 application is also suspended.

After 18:00 on 11/12/2020, the system will complete the upgrade and customers can continue to make transactions with Pinetree as usual.

Pinetree looks forward to understanding if your experience is affected. In case of needing more details, please contact Pinetree for assistance.

– Call center: 024.6282.3535

– Zalo: Pinetree Securities

– Fanpage:

All feedback from you is always a valuable source of information for Pinetree in the journey to improve service quality and create a superior customer experience.

Thank you for your companionship and trust!

Best regards!

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