Pinetree: Annoucement the annual general meeting of shareholders in 2021


April 15, 2021




To: Shareholders of Pinetree Securities Corporation


Pinetree Securities Corporation (Headquarter: 20th floor, TNR building, 54A Nguyen Chi Thanh, Lang Thuong ward, Dong Da district, Hanoi; The Licence No. 10/GPHDKD issued by the State Securities Commission) (“Pinetree”) would like to invite the Shareholder to participate in the 2021 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (“2021 AGM”) with detail as follows:

  1. Time:                                        08:30, May 06th, 2021
  2. Venue:                           The headquarter of  Pinetree, 20th floor, TNR building, 54A Nguyen Chi Thanh, Lang Thuong ward, Dong Da district, Hanoi
  3. Agenda and Meeting document:

Shareholders can access and download agenda, contents, documents of  the 2021 AGM of Pintree at Website:

  1. Conditions for attending the 2021 AGM:

Shareholders whose names are on the list of shareholders closed on 07/04/2021 of Vietnam Securities Depository may attend the meeting or authorize others person to attend the meeting.  Shareholders or Authorized Person please bring and present the following documents:

  • The original Invitation letter;
  • ID/Passport (for individual Shareholders); The certified copy of the business registration certificate/operation license and ID/Passport of the legal representative attending the meeting (for institutional shareholders);
  • The originals of the Letter of Authorization and ID/Passport of Authorized Person (for case of proxy).

In case Shareholders do not attend the meeting directly, please send the Voting Paper, Election Card and original Invitation Letter in accordance with the Regulation on Organization, Vote and Election for the 2021 AGM and the Pinetree Charter before 17:30 on May 05, 2021.

  1. Contact information:

If shareholders have any questions or need more information please contact Pinetree 2021 AGM Organizing Commitee via:

Ms. Phan Thi Phuong Thuy – Representative of Pintree 2021 AGM Organizing Commitee

Tel:   +84 24 6276 1818 (ext: 699)

Best regards.