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CEO (HNX): Overview and evaluation
Basic knowledge January 18, 2023

CEO (HNX): Overview and evaluation

CEO (HNX): Overview and evaluation

CEO shares are shares of C.E.O Group JSC. In 2022, this stock peaked at VND 92,500 at the beginning of the year and then fell sharply at the end of the year, the lowest level being less than 1/10 of the peak price. So, is there an inflated price of CEO shares? What is the real potential of this business? Should you buy CEO stock? Investors let’s find out through this article of Pinetree.1. Information about the business

C.E.O Group Joint Stock Company is considered a leading enterprise operating in the fields of real estate, construction, and services.

1.1 Scope of business

C.E.O Group is operating in the following fields:

– Real estate management and development (CEOhomes): C.E.O Group is famous for many high-class projects and works, catching up with green, smart, personality and humane trends such as: Sunny Garden city urban area (Hanoi), Silver Silk city urban area (Ha Nam), CEO tower (Pham Hung – Hanoi), Sonasea Villa & Resort complex (Phu Quoc), Sonasea Van Don complex (Quang Ninh), Sonasea Premier Nha Page.

– Construction: Construction of technical infrastructure and construction of architectural works.

– Resort: With the motto “For a better life”, C.E.O Group has built high-class resort complexes with synchronous services and utilities, and provided travel, management and tourism services. hotel management high quality to be able to serve visitors attentively and enthusiastically. Famous projects include Sonasea Villa & Resort Phu Quoc complex, Novotel Phu Quoc Resort, Sonasea Van Don Harbor city complex. In Phu Quoc, C.E.O Group ranks 3rd among resort real estate investors, just behind Vingroup and Sungroup.

1.2 History of establishment and development of the enterprise

– C.E.O Group Joint Stock Company was established on October 26, 2001.

– 2007: Converted from Vietnam Trade, Construction and Technology Company Limited to C.E.O Investment Joint Stock Company with a total charter capital of 100 billion.

– In mid-2015, the company changed its name again to C.E.O Group Joint Stock Company.

1.3 Leadership team

Mr. Doan Van Binh is the founder, orientation, and development goals for C.E.O Group. With a strategic vision and ability to adapt to market changes, Mr. Doan Van Binh plays a decisive role in the development of C.E.O Group. Mr. Binh hopes to turn CEO Group into one of the leading multi-industry enterprises in the country, creating high-class projects, contributing to bringing Vietnam’s tourism to the world level. Mr. Binh once set a goal of CEO Group to be in the top 250 largest private enterprises in Vietnam (VNR500) by 2021, but this goal was soon completed when the Group was in the top 150 of VNR500 in 2020.

2. Information about CEO stock code

2.1 General information about tickers

In 2014, CEO shares were listed on Hanoi Stock Exchange

General information related to stock code ABC:

– Transaction code: CEO

– Exchange: HNX

– Industry group: Construction and Real Estate

– Industry: Real estate development

– Date of listing: September 29, 2014

– Charter capital: 2,573,399,850,000 VND

2.2 CEO stock price and transaction history in 2022

From January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022, CEO stock had a strong fluctuation:

– Price movement: -53,100 VND (-74.89%)

– Highest closing price: 92,500 VND (January 7, 2022)

– Lowest closing price: 8,100 VND (November 15, 2022)

– Volume/day: 6,162,288 shares

– The session with the most trading volume: 26,895,274 shares (December 6, 2022)

– Session with the least volume: 737,127 shares (January 19, 2022)

2.3 Highlights of the company and CEO stock code

2.3.1. About C.E.O Group JSC

– CEO is known as a business that owns a large land bank of up to 962.1 hectares, mainly focusing on resort real estate. The CEO’s land fund is allocated in Phu Quoc (304 ha), Quang Ninh (383 ha), and Hanoi (44 ha) which are areas with great potential for development and exploitation. Despite owning a large land bank, the CEO’s ability to implement projects is still limited.

– The CEO’s revenue comes mainly from service provision revenue and real estate business revenue.

– According to the business results announcement of C.E.O Group Joint Stock Company, in the third quarter of 2022, the enterprise achieved total revenue of approximately VND 387.6 billion, profit after tax reached VND 41.7 billion. Thus, accumulated from the beginning of 2022 to the end of the third quarter, the total revenue of the enterprise reached 1,104 billion VND and the profit after tax reached more than 111.28 billion VND.

The production and business activities of C.E.O Group in the third quarter of 2022 also recorded many remarkable points such as: net cash flow from business activities was positive 168 billion dong; Cash and cash equivalents maintained at VND 318.5 billion; The total assets of the enterprise as of September 30, 2022 is VND 7,846 billion, an increase of nearly VND 800 billion compared to January 1, 2022, equity is VND 3,549 billion.

– In the long term, the growth potential of the tourism and resort real estate chain business promises to bring profits to C.E.O when the tourism – aviation industry fully recovers from the pandemic. With the current population and urbanization speed of Vietnam, the demand for housing will increase, so the output factor of the real estate market still has great potential.

2.3.2. About CEO stock

The price of CEO shares is said to have been inflated in the late 2021, early 2022 period. So what is the problem?

Although the financial report shows that the business situation is not very positive, CEO’s stock has recorded a gallant increase from the price of 10,700 VND/share in October 2021 to 92,500 VND/share in early January. 2022. Information from the Hanoi Stock Exchange data report shows that CEO stock is on the list of “warning” stocks because at that time, the parent company’s profit after tax on reports C.E.O Group’s financial position is negative 67 billion dong.

Therefore, the galloping increase of CEO’s stock price despite the undeveloped business situation makes many people question. Even this stock is considered risky if investors intend to invest at high price. According to experts, the reasonable value for CEO shares is only about 27,000 VND/share if the market situation is optimistic.

Notably, before that, HNX put CEO stock under warning from April 20, 2021.

Before deciding to trade with CEO stocks, investors need to carefully study the market situation, technical analysis of price movement charts, financial indicators, etc. to have a basis for predicting the development trend. future growth of this stock.

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