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GAS (HOSE) – Overview and evaluation
Basic knowledge February 7, 2023

GAS (HOSE) – Overview and evaluation

GAS (HOSE) – Overview and evaluation

GAS stock is the stock code of Vietnam Gas Corporation – JSC (PV Gas). This is an enterprise in the Top 50 Best Listed Companies in Vietnam in 2022 and Top 5 in Revenue and Profit (ranked by Forbes Vietnam). PV Gas is an enterprise that plays an important role in the development strategy of the Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (Petrovietnam), operating in all stages of the gas value chain, including collection, transportation, processing, storage, distribution and trading of gas and gas products. GAS is in the VN30 basket and is the top favorite stock of securities investors.

1. Information about the business

PV Gas is considered as the “flagship” of the oil and gas industry. Looking back at the whole year of 2022, PV Gas achieved VND 100,723 billion in net revenue and VND 15,062 billion in profit after tax. These figures increase by 28% and 70% respectively compared to 2021. These are also the highest business results achieved by the corporation since its establishment.

1.1 Scope of business

PV Gas Company is operating in the following fields:

– Collecting, transporting, storing gas and gas products. Filling liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) into bottles, into tank trucks

– Operation, maintenance and repair of gas and gas-related works and projects

– Processing and wholesale of gaseous fuels and related products (dry gas, LNG, CNG, LPG, Condensate ..)

– Trading in real estate, land use rights

– Freight transport by road; machinery and equipment rental…

1.2 History of establishment and development of the enterprise

– 1990: PV Gas was established with the original name of Gas Company. Deployment of the first gas system – Bach Ho gas system, later developed and expanded into Cuu Long gas system

– In 1998: Dinh Co gas processing plant and PV GAS liquid product storage and export port came into operation. This is an event of great technical, economic, and social significance because LPG and Condensate are produced in Vietnam for the first time.

– 2002: Deploying the second gas system – Nam Con Son gas system

– 2006: PV Gas was renamed to one member limited liability company under the Vietnam Oil and Gas Group.

– 2007: Vietnam Gas Corporation was established. In the same year, the third gas system – PM3 gas system – Ca Mau was deployed.

– January 2016: Increased charter capital to VND 19,139.5 billion and remained unchanged until now (February 3, 2023).

2. Information about stock ticker GAS

2.1 General information about tickers

In 2012, stock code GAS was listed on Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange.

General information related to the stock ticker GAS:

– Transaction code: GAS

– Exchange: HOSE

– Industry group: Utilities

– Industry: Natural gas distribution

– Date of listing: May 21, 2012

– Charter capital: 19,139,500,000,000 VND

2.2 GAS stock price and transaction history in 2022

From February 22, 2022 to December 31, 2022

– Price movement: -7,526 VND (-6.68%)

– Highest closing price: 130,442 VND (June 17, 2022)

– Lowest closing price: VND 92,478 (May 16, 2022)

– Volume/day: 672,671 shares

– The session with the most trading volume: 06/06/2022 (2,646,200 shares)

– Session with the least volume: December 29, 2022 (97,600 shares)

2.3 Corporate highlights and stock code GAS

In the financial statements for 2022, PV GAS recorded revenue of more than VND 100 trillion, up 28% compared to 2021 and profit after tax of more than VND 15 trillion, up 70% compared to 2021.

As of December 31, 2022, total assets of PV GAS are VND 82,806 billion, up 9% compared to the beginning of the year; equity is 61,317 billion, of which investment and development fund is 21,063 billion, undistributed profit after tax is 19,243 billion.

PV Gas is the only dry gas supplier in Vietnam and holds the No. 1 position in the Vietnamese market in the field of liquefied petroleum gas supply. With the advantage of being a member of PVN, PV Gas has full rights to exploit and distribute gas and gas products from oil and gas fields owned by PVN or a joint venture. Besides, PV Gas, with more than 30 years of establishment and development, has invested and built a system of gas works infrastructure, from collecting, transporting, processing, distributing gas and other gas products. Gas products with modern technology are managed and operated according to international standards. PV Gas has also built a team of professional and highly qualified operation and management staff.

In the stock market, despite the high price and despite a year of many fluctuations in 2022, GAS is one of the few stocks that keeps a stable price.

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