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Pinetree launches PineFolio – Thematic investing portfolio
News March 23, 2023

Pinetree launches PineFolio – Thematic investing portfolio

Pinetree launches PineFolio – Thematic investing portfolio

With this new product, instead of investigating stocks by yourself, Investors can buy a whole portfolio of potential themed stocks designed and recommended by Pinetree’s experts.

Thematic – Investing method minimizes risk compared to traditional investment methods. Experts will create a portfolio that follows the market trends, based on identifying businesses that benefit from those trends, providing long-term growth opportunities – Reasonable asset allocation – with the appropriate level of net asset value.

After thorough research on the product, PineFolio was launched with highlights such as:

  • Reduce the risk of investing in a single stock through a diversified portfolio
  • Invest in changing topics, trends, shaping life, economy, society
  • Actively choose the corresponding topic in PineFolio according to the appropriate trend
  • Carefully researched by experienced Experts.

Currently, Pinetree introduces two categories, which are: “Up Vietnam” and “Live green – Eat clean” with a the amount of net asset value of about VND 25 million.

Product benefits:

  • Flexibility: Many investment levels to choose from to suit your goals and financial situation.
  • Accumulation: If there is not enough funds to buy the portfolio immediately, investors can accumulate gradually with a small amount to enjoy interest rate support at the accumulation stage.
  • Effective: The list is made and closely monitored by experts
  • Only pay a base transaction fee of 0.3%
  • Restructuring: self-restructuring according to the needs of investors.

Clients can buy PineFolio via WebTrading or the AlphaTrading trading app here.

For detail of PineFolio, please click here.

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