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Interest rate up to 9%/year

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Connect community – Follow masters – Trade with 0 fee for lifetime


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Stock trading with advanced investing tools – Trade with 0 fee for lifetime


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Morning Brief 25/06/2024
Morning brief

Morning Brief 25/06/2024

June 25, 2024

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  • Alpha


    The top-tier stock trading application that provides advanced analysis tools to support investors on decision making.

  • Pinex


    An social trading application that allows to follow experienced investors’ profiles and customize your own portfolios.

  • Stock123


    The first application that allows to learn foundation and to practice trading right in one app.

  • Pinetree

    WebTrading system

    Login web browser to be equipped with full features and to manage trading accounts in a professional way.

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preferential services

At Pinetree, we commit to supplying special products and services to help investors optimize transactions with lifetime preferences.

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Lifetime policy

Lifetime policy: 0 fee and low margin rate for investors

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Outstanding technology

Create a trading account 100% online by applying new customer identification technology- eKYC.

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Digital experience

Easy-to-use applications with the most convenient and supportive tools

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