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HFT Flash 1 – Don’t just stop at a app trading
News May 6, 2019

HFT Flash 1 – Don’t just stop at a app trading

HFT Flash 1 – Don’t just stop at a app trading

On April 18, 2019, HFT has launched the HFT Flash 1 application to help investors track the whole market, manage stock accounts, trade quickly and effectively on their smartphones. yourself.

With a harmonious, beautiful design, right from the application experience, investors can feel the friendliness from the layout to the interface, the speedy handling operations make use upwards. Easier than ever.

The special thing of HFT Flash 1 compared to other trading apps is that it is integrated with price list including full price steps, stock information such as price list of web version. Investors can conveniently track stock movements, choose flexible portfolio according to investment plans, when having a buy / sell decision, just click on the corresponding price to place an order.

With the advanced technology platform applied on HFT Flash 1, the investor’s trading process will be as confidential and safe as possible. The launch of HFT Flash 1 trading application not only meets the needs of customers but also demonstrates HFT’s commitment to deploy advanced information technology application methods to serve investors in a manner. professional and effective, contributing to the overall development of the market.

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