Pinetree upgraded Web Trading System and AlphaTrading, integrating a new core system

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October 23, 2020

From October 25th, 2020, Pinetree Securities officially launchs an upgraded and new- core- integrated trading system with 2 platforms: Web Trading System (WTS) and Alpha Trading app. Focusing on modern technology, the upgraded version will help customers experience fast and professional stock trading with attractive new features.


 “With a core system developed following to Korean standards, we develop and upgrade trading platforms with a focus on safety, security and user experience. By utilizing real-time technology, optimized interface and user actions, our trading platforms will help customers experience high-speed trading”, said Mr. Jung Jin Hak, CIO of Pinetree Securities.

Investors who did test the system also shared that the real-time profit/ loss warning function with the latest stock prices is one of the interesting features of WTS.

Regarding AlphaTrading app, users not only could trade easily but also set up stock alerts and are provided with market information, companies, securities codes… to make appropriate investment decisions.


To experience WTS, please access the following link:

User manual Pinetree Web Trading: here.


To use Alpha Trading, please download the content:




AlphaTrading user guideline: here.


Accompanying the above platforms, Pinetree has developed the Pinetree SmartOTP app – a secure method to help customers proactively get a one-time transaction authentication code and enter it into the system when making transactions.


Download Pinetree SmartOTP:




SmartOTP manual: here


With a digital financial orientation, Pinetree will continuously innovate and invest strongly in technology solutions. We look forward to receiving users’ feedbacks in the transaction process to continuously optimize products and services and better meet customers’ needs.