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Updated rule for PineX Referral program
News January 14, 2022

Updated rule for PineX Referral program

Updated rule for PineX Referral program

The recently launched PineX app which developed by Pinetree Securities has received a huge welcome and sharing from Investors.

In order to continue to spread the app and serve a wider range of users who love the application, Pinetree would like to announce the update and modification of the “Referral program” with PineX:

– Instantly receive 100,000 VND for each new opened account. For details, see here.

– Refer friends, receive unlimited shares equivalent to 100,000 VND per referral. For detail, see here.

(Cash voucher will be used to trade in the app)

– Duration: From January 21, 2022 until the end of December 31, 2022 or until the program’s budget runs out, whichever comes first.

Do not miss out the opportunity to experience PineX with many attractive offers, freely follow the portfolio of experienced investors and discuss unlimitedly in an outstandingly exciting “investment social network”!

Find out now HERE!

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