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Cổ phiếu FPT – Thông tin và lịch sử giá
Basic knowledge February 16, 2023

Cổ phiếu FPT – Thông tin và lịch sử giá

Cổ phiếu FPT – Thông tin và lịch sử giá

FPT is the stock code of FPT Joint Stock Company. This is a technology stock in the VN30 basket and is of interest to many investors. Through this article, Pinetree will provide information about the company and stock code of FPT.

1. Information about the business

FPT is a leading technology corporation in Vietnam. With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, FPT is a pioneer in digital transformation and a leader in consulting, providing and implementing technology – telecommunications services and solutions. FPT operates in 45 countries with more than 37,000 employees.

1.1 Scope of business

FPT is operating in 3 main areas:

• Technology, along with key products:

o Digital transformation consulting (FPT Digital)

o Information technology services (FPT Software)

o Solutions by industry: IT infrastructure services, design, construction, database management for businesses, network and security systems, payment systems, monitoring, industry-specific equipment banking, specialized products for telecommunications, transportation, customs, banking, securities and telecommunications solutions deployment services, server storage.

o Corporate governance platform (investing in Base.vn)

o Made by FPT ecosystem (including AI, Blockchain, Cloud, IoT and Lowcode)

• Telecommunications (FPT Telecom): As one of the top three Internet service providers in Vietnam, FPT always closely follows market trends and constantly strives to invest in infrastructure, upgrade product and service quality. services, increasing the application of new technology to bring customers outstanding experiences. FPT constantly invests, deploys and integrates more and more value-added services on the same internet connection and creates a digital communication ecosystem. The telecommunications services that FPT provides include: Internet, television, smart home, leased channel, digital communication ecosystem, data center.

• Education: Starting from FPT University, up to now, FPT education organization has expanded to all levels of education. The strength of the FPT education system is focusing on technology and soft skills, fully equipped with the necessary elements for FPT’s students to become a potential workforce of enterprises.

1.2 History of establishment and development of the enterprise

• In 1986, while working at the Institute of Mechanics, under the Vietnam Academy of Sciences, Mr. Truong Gia Binh decided to establish the Heat and Substance Exchange Group. In the summer of 1988, in order to implement the Contract for the Supply of Computers to the USSR Academy of Sciences, Mr. Truong Gia Binh determined to establish a company under a ministerial or ministerial-level state agency, with the function of business, import-export and technology transfer.

• On September 13, 1988, the Director of the National Institute of Technology Research signed the decision to establish the Food Technology Company (the first name of FPT) and assigned Mr. Truong Gia Binh as the Director.

• In 1990: FPT decided to develop in the direction of computer business. In October 1990, the company changed its name to Technology Investment and Development Company (abbreviated as FPT). FPT’s first commercial software contract was a ticketing system for Vietnam Airlines. After the aviation industry, FPT in turn participated in the computerization projects of most key ministries in Vietnam such as banking, public finance, telecommunications, electricity…

• In 1997, FPT entered the internet field

• In 1999, FPT began to conquer foreign markets with the software export segment.

• 2001: Launched VNExpress – one of the first electronic newspapers in Vietnam

• 2006: Established FPT University and listed on the stock market

1.3 Leadership team

Talking about FPT’s leadership team is referring to an elite group of information technology in the country, headed by Chairman Truong Gia Binh.

Thanks to the leadership of the talented “captain”, FPT has not stopped developing until now. Maybe that’s why the businessman who was originally a scientist was dubbed “the soul of FPT”. He has built FPT from zero to a powerful technology company with 6 subsidiaries and 4 affiliated companies, with networks in 45 countries around the world.

2. Information about stock code FPT

2.1 General information about tickers

In 2006, the stock code FPT was listed on the Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange.

General information related to the stock code FPT

– Transaction code: FPT

– Exchange: HOSE

– Industry group: Technology and information

– Industry: Publishing industry – Except internet

– Date of listing: December 13, 2006

– Charter capital: 10,970,265,720,000 VND

2.2 FPT stock price and transaction history

From February 17, 2022 to February 18, 2023:

– Price movement: 6,802 (9.13%)

– Highest closing price: 95,142 VND (April 14, 2022)

– Lowest closing price: 65,900 VND (November 15, 2022)

– Trading volume/day: 1,704,589 shares

– The session with the most trading volume: 8,224,300 shares (March 29, 2022)

– Session with the least trading volume: 143,900 shares (February 16, 2023)

2.3 Highlights

2.3.1 Prospects of the business

• Technology: It is expected that FPT’s technology revenue and profit will continue to increase

The market is strong, especially the foreign market as FPT will try to sign more big contracts in the US, Japan and Europe markets. According to the management’s plan, the US market will be FPT’s target market in the coming years.

• Made by FPT technology ecosystem is one of FPT’s important growth drivers in the long term. The ecosystem is developed based on core technology platforms including AI, Blockchain, Cloud, IoT and Lowcode; capable of wide application in many key fields such as e-government, transportation, healthcare, finance and banking, telecommunications, education, manufacturing… This is a very potential segment but needs Long-term investment in R&D from now on.

• Telecommunications: Telecommunications revenue is expected to grow as FPT continues to invest in infrastructure and transmission lines to upgrade customer experience as well as reach potential customers in suburban areas. and countryside. FPT will also expand services and products for businesses such as OnCX (intelligent exchange system), SD Swan (business network solution), as well as develop a data center system.

2.3.2 Financial figures

At the end of 2022, FPT recorded a revenue of VND 44,017 billion, profit before tax of VND 7,654 billion, up 23.4% and 20.8% respectively compared to 2021, completing 104% of revenue and 100% target. profit was approved at the 2022 General Meeting of Shareholders. EPS (Earning Per Share) reached VND 4,421/share, up 22.2% over the previous year.

2.3.3 Potential of FPT stock

FPT’s stock price has changed over the years depending on the level of development and business performance. This is considered the leading Bluechip stock in the industry. In 2022, while other stocks all decreased in value compared to the beginning of the year, FPT went in the afternoon and increased slightly. It can be seen that since FPT shares were listed and issued to the market, there has always been an upward trend despite market fluctuations. Investors are attracted and try to hunt for this stock because the price has been growing strongly in recent years.

The growth rate of FPT Joint Stock Company is likely to increase in the coming time. After the figures from the financial statements of 2022, most investors expect that 2023 and the following years will have a stronger increase in revenue and profit.

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