Warning: Impersonation Pinetree and PineX Application

Warning: Impersonation Pinetree and PineX Application
News June 6, 2023

Warning: Impersonation Pinetree and PineX Application

Warning: Impersonation Pinetree and PineX Application

Press Release

No: 01/2023/TTBC-PTSV, May 26, 2022

Pinetree Securities Corporation (Pinetree) has received information that multiple accounts and social media sites have impersonated Pinetree and our PineX app to defraud and obtain assets using cropped images from the video of Pinetree and Artist Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc – Pinetree’s Brand Representative in the PineX app launch campaign in 2022.

Pinetree is a member of Hanwha Group, one of the 7 largest financial groups in Korea. In 2022, Pinetree launched PineX Securities Investment Social Network and Ninh Duong Artist Lan Ngoc is the brand ambassador for this app launch campaign.

Currently, many illegal content from our campaign such as the image of Artist Lan Ngoc, talkshow by Lan Ngoc and expert Pinetree… are being used by bad actors to advertise and entice investors. Joining fake platforms and applications for illegal investment. The tricks and tricks often used by these objects include: Setting up fake Facebook Fanpages or Zalo groups with illegal collage images; impersonating a Pinetree employee; calls for investments that receive unusually high incentives or yields; invite to participate in courses, counseling groups, support associations; lead to follow the conditions in order to trick users into paying…

Pinetree Securities asserts that all the above acts are impersonating Pinetree, staff and partners of Pinetree (namely Artist Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc). This is a fraudulent trick of a bad person to appropriate other people’s property.

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Fraudulent Fanpages are created in large numbers, using images/videos illegally cut to advertise falsely
These target groups continue to operate and reach more and more people in recent times with various phishing methods and sophisticated tricks.

Therefore, in order to avoid being scammed, Pinetree Securities Joint Stock Company recommends that Investors should be careful, raise their vigilance, carefully study the accuracy when receiving information, and absolutely disagree. open accounts, transfer money, register for courses, join groups… from impersonated organizations and individuals.

When there is any doubt about the authenticity, legitimacy and/or other related matter from email, social media account, website, call… using status related to Pinetree Securities or a partner of Pinetree, Investors should immediately notify Pinetree through the following channels:

Website: www.pinetree.vn

Hotline: 024 6282 3535

Fanpage (green tick): Pinetree Securities

Zalo Official Account (yellow tick): Pinetree Securities

For more information, please contact: Marketing Department of Pinetree Securities Joint Stock Company (ext: 878)

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