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“Chung truong bac ty” competition rule
Event news July 31, 2023

“Chung truong bac ty” competition rule

“Chung truong bac ty” competition rule

1.Competition name: Chung Truong Bac Ty

2.Duration: From 1/8/2023 to 26/1/2024

3.Participant and eligibility:  

  • Participant: Customers open trading account at Pinetree.

Customers who don’t have Pinetree account can open an account online through eKYC in only 3 minutes Here.

(Exclude: Organizational customers, Organizer and Pinetree’s employees).

  • Scope: Nationwide
  • Eligibility:
    • Initial investment capital of competing sub account (includes stock, dividend and cash value, after deducting debt obligations) is at least 10 million dong.
    • Registered for the competition.


a.Condition for reward:

  • Return on investment on competing sub account is positive (>0%).
  • Trade stock on underlying securities market only on competing sub account at Pinetree.
  • Trading amount is at least 200% of the average investment capital.
  • Have matched orders of stock in at least 3 business days.
  • For Master Investor prize: except for above conditions, participant must satisfy additional conditions as follows:
    • Participate in 2 rounds
    • Average investment capital is at least 1 billion VND (calculated during the competing period of 02 rounds).

b.Detail rule

  • Register:
    • Customers click tab “Trading Competition/Chung Truong Bac Ty” on app AlphaTrading or WebTrading, click “Register” to register for the competition.
    • Customers choose competing sub account (normal or margin), agree to Terms & Conditions.

*Participants can change the competing sub account before the official competing period.

  • Cancel registration:
    • Customer can cancel registration any time.
    • Re-register: If a customer cancels registration before the Ending date of each registration period, the customer can re-register no later than the last registration day of each round.
  • Compete: After registering successfully, participants could start trading anytime, the competition result will be counted during Competing period (detail in the below table).
  • Divided into 2 rounds:
Round Registration period Competing period
Round 1 01/8 – 25/9/2023 2/10/2023 – 24/11/2023
Round 2 30/9 – 27/11/2023 4/12/2023 – 26/1/2024
Master Investor prize To be announced based on profit performance of 02 rounds
  • Grouping

After successful registration, each account will be divided into different groups based on Initial investment capital of competing sub account. Initial investment capital includes stock, dividend and cash value, after deducting debt obligations at the group deciding date of each round. There are 3 groups as follows:

  • Carb group: Initial investment capital from 10 million to below 100 million dong
  • Koi group: Initial investment capital from 100 million to below 1 billion dong
  • Whale group: Initial investment capital from 1 billion dong or more


  • The groups will be fixed throughout the competition and will remain unchanged during the competing period.
  • The group will be decided at 18:00 on 29/9/2023 (for Round 1) or on 01/12/2023 (for Round 2). Customers must ensure that Initial investment capital reaches the minimum initial investment capital (10 million VND) before this time. After that, customers cannot participate in the competition even if they reach the minimum initial investment capital.

Regulation on stocks to trade in the competition:

  • Only allow trading stock on underlying securities market
  • All stock codes on HOSE/HNX/UPCOM which are allowed to trade as Pinetree listed.

Regulation on competing account:

  • Competing sub account: Normal or Margin sub account at Pinetree
  • Participants can participate in the competition and receive prize with only 01 account each round at Pinetree.

c.Calculation formula:

Return on Investment of each round is calculated according to the following formula:

Return on Investment (%) = Total return/ Average investment capital


  • In case there are more than 1 participant with same rate of return and priority categories, the prize will be shared:

Prize = Total prize value of co-resulting positions/Number of co-resulting participant

No Price Price per round No of round Total no of prize Prize value Total prize value
1 Gift for fastest registers or customers joining event (mini fan, pillow, t-shirt, keyboard, headphone…) 1000 2 2000   480.000.000
2 Gift for fastest customers transfer securities from other companies to Pinetree for competition 50 2 100 Pay 100% transferring fee, max 1 million/ customer 100.000.000
3 Round prize          
3.1 Carb Group (10mil ≤ Initial investment capital < 100mil)
  First prize 1 2 2 10.000.000 20.000.000
  Second prize 1 2 2 5.000.000 10.000.000
  Third prize 1 2 2 5.000.000 4.000.000
3.2 Koi Group (100mil ≤ Initial investment capital < 1 billion)
  First prize 1 2 2 30.000.000 60.000.000
  Second prize 1 2 2 15.000.000 30.000.000
  Third prize 1 2 2 8.000.000 16.000.000
3.3 Whale Group (Initial investment capital ≥ 1 billion)
  First prize 1 2 2 80.000.000 160.000.000
  Second prize 1 2 2 40.000.000 80.000.000
  Third prize 1 2 2 20.000.000 40.000.000
4 Master Investor prize 1 1 1 500.000.000 500.000.000

Other benefits for the winners of each round:

Chance to work at Pinetree in suitable positions (Expert, Employee, Internship)

Have the opportunity to cooperate with Pinetree:

  • Become Pinetree’s media partner
  • Become Pinetree’s image representative
  • Cooperate with Pinetree in communication for products/services

Chance to enjoy premier privileges at Pinetree such as: Priority to pre-experience Pinetree’s new products, VIP tickets for events organized by Pinetree…

  Total (2 rounds) 1.500.000.000

6.Results announcement time

Without special cases, within 45 days from the end of each round, the winners will be announced on the website and/or Pinetree’s fanpage. The winner will receive notification email.

7.How to receive prize

  • Gift will be given directly to customer or send to customer within 30 days from the date of eligibility for gift
  • Cash will be transferred directly to the winners’ competing sub account.

8.Rule of violation activities

Participants who perform one of the following activities will be counted as violating the competition rule and disqualified from the round/competition:

  • The accumulated additional investment capital must not exceed 5 times the initial investment capital.
  • Transfer/Withdraw/Deposit securities to/from competing sub account (including securities depository, stock transfer from other sub accounts to competing sub account and vice versa) during competing period or before competing period, but the effective date of stock recorded in the competing sub account in competing period.
  • Have deals and/or odd-lot transactions in competing account during competing period.

9.General regulation

  • Participants are responsible for the accuracy of provided personal information, this will be used to verify the winners. In case it is impossible to contact the winner and/or not receive a response from the customer via email within 15 days from the date of announcing prize, whether for any reason such as the customer providing incorrect information, the customer not opening the email, the customer changing contact information…Pinetree will not be responsible. In these cases, Pinetree has the right to cancel or transfer the prize to another person without any notice and without customer’s consent.
  • For Accounts that compete in the top 5 of the final rankings for each round or for the entire competition, if the investment performance involves the exercise of the right to buy or trade in low-liquidity, unusually liquid stocks… as assessed by Pinetree from time to time, Pinetree reserves the right to (i) calculate and exclude the increase from these transactions and adjust the overall results of the competition to ensure fairness; or (ii) disqualification and disqualification of the Competition Account.
  • Competing accounts which have deals or odd lot transactions during the competing period will be disqualified for the prizes of each round or the competition.
  • In any situation, including but not limited to, insufficient data to calculate investment performance and customer’s award criteria, customer ineligibility for award, cancellation of examination table, transfer of examination table, Pinetree will decide how to handle and notify customer via email.
  • When registering and/or participating in any part of the competition, the customer is deemed to have irrevocably consented to the processing and storage of personal data by Pinetree and related parties.
  • Winners of any part or round of the competition must attend the award ceremony (if any) in accordance with the form and request of Pinetree. The winner may authorize another person to accept the prize on his/her behalf or not attend the award ceremony with prior notice and consent of Pinetree.
  • Winners are responsible for coordinating with Pinetree to carry out online and offline activities and programs as required, including but not limited to, video recording, photography, interviewing, writing articles, sharing articles about the investment process, investment strategy.
  • Customers may only use results, images, information about and/or in connection with the competition, round or any competition content after the prior consent of Pinetree.
  • Pinetree will amend and supplement the competition rules in necessary cases according to Pinetree’s assessment without prior notice or approval of customers, however, Pinetree will publicly announce the revised and supplemented rules at the website https://pinetree.vn.
  • In all cases, matters relating to the competition, including but not limited to, prizes, competition results, calculated data, violation evaluations will be decided by Pinetree at Pinetree’s sole and absolute discretion.

10.Supporting information

For full competition rule, please click here.

For list of stocks allowed to trade in competition, please click here (Excel) or here (PDF).

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