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1. What is PineFolio?

“PineFolio” is an investment in a portfolio of specific investment themes established by Pinetree that offers “Long Term Growth Opportunities” and “Reasonable Asset Allocation” with a suitable investment capital.

“PineFolio” is “Invest in transformation trends, shaping the economy and society today”.

2. Does Pinetree provide advance payment service for PineFolio Portfolio?

YES, currently PineFolio is a portfolio of listed stocks. Therefore, according to the regulations of the Stock Exchange, if the customers sell on T-day, they will only be able to receive money on T+2 day.

In case there is a need for liquidity, customers can use advance payment service for the sale of listed stocks. Charge time is 02 days (weekends, holidays can be added if any).

3. Do I need to sign a hard copy contract when I buy PineFolio Portfolio at Pinetree?

Currently, PineFolio product is deploying completely online on Pinetree’s transaction channels (app and web), including and not limited to the steps of creating a portfolio trading sub-account (“PF Sub-Account”) as well as subsequent trading activities.

4. Can I trade PineFolio Portfolio on the “Regular Sub-Account” or “Margin Sub-Account”?

NO. Customers need to create a PF Sub-Account – a sub-account for portfolio trading – by signing the “Registration cum Portfolio Trading Contract” in an online form through Pinetree’s trading channels (app and web).

5. Can I use the Margin Lending service when I purchase PineFolio Portfolio?

NO. The customers are not allowed to use Margin Lending service when purchasing PineFolio Portfolio. PineFolio Portfolio can only be purchased by cash or advance payment.

6. When can I place an PineFolio Portfolio trading order?

The customers can place orders to trade PineFolio Portfolio from 18:00 previous day (after the system batch time) to 14:45 on current trading day.

7. What is the prescribed order type for Portfolio trading?

PineFolio Portfolio trading order before and during the ATO session: ATO order.

PineFolio Portfolio trading orders in LO session or in case of unmatched in ATO session: MP (HSX) or MTL (HNX) orders.

PineFolio Portfolio trading orders in ATC session: ATC order.

8. What is order validity for PineFolio Directory trading?

PineFolio Portfolio Buy Order: Buy order will take effect within 05 (five) working days from the date of placing the order. PineFolio portfolio trading orders will expire upon completion of the purchase of all tickers in PineFolio portfolio, or after 05 (five) working days from the date of placing order or when the customers cancel the order.

PineFolio Portfolio Sell Order: Sell order expires only when the sale of all tickers in PineFolio portfolio based on the quantity on customers’ order is completed, or when the customer cancels the order.

9. When can I cancel my PineFolio portfolio trading orders?

During the trading hours of PineFolio portfolio order’s effective date, the customers may not cancel the portfolio trading orders. Outside this time period, customers are allowed to cancel portfolio trading orders.

Customers will not be able to cancel trading orders for stock tickers generated from PineFolio portfolio trading orders. When PineFolio portfolio trading orders are canceled, trading orders for relevant stocks tickers are also automatically canceled.

Customers can update their PineFolio portfolio trading order statuses on Pinetree’s trading channels.

10. What is the transaction fee I have to pay when trading PineFolio’s stocks?

When trading PineFolio Portfolio stocks on PineFolio Sub-Account, the customers shall bear the following transaction fees:

– Purchase transaction fee: 0.2%

– Selling transaction fee: 0.1%

11. In addition to transaction fees, what are other fees and taxes I have to pay when investing in PineFolio Portfolio?

According to Vietnam’s current regulations, when buying stocks and bonds, individual investors are subject to the following taxes and fees:

– Tax when receiving dividends, coupon : 5% according to current regulations.

– Tax when selling listed stocks: 0.1% calculated on the selling price.

– Securities depository fee: According to Pinetree’s transaction fee schedule for each period.

– Securities transfer fee: According to Pinetree’s transaction fee schedule for each period.

– Other fees (if any): According to Pinetree’s transaction fee schedule for each period.

12. Can I partially sell shares in the PineFolio Portfolio?

NO. The customers are only allowed to sell shares in odd sets, not in accordance with the standard provisions of PineFolio Directory or shares that have been separated from PineFolio Portfolio.

13. Can I purchase parts of PineFolio Portfolio?

YES. The customers are entitled to purchase parts of PineFolio Portfolio (“pack”) using the “Investment Accumulation Plan” feature. The order of PineFolio Portfolio packs will be set to default and cannot be changed by customers.

14. What is an “Investment Accumulation Plan”? How can I join the “Investment Accumulation Plan”?

When the customers do not have enough capital to purchase a complete PineFolio Portfolio, Pinetree provides customers the option of periodically accumulating capital to invest in PineFolio Portfolio. The “Investment Accumulation Plan” may include one or more “Investment Periods”, each “Investment Period” corresponding to the purchase of a PineFolio Portfolio pack. Customers can create and customize the “Accumulation and Investment Plan” in accordance with their capital capacity.

Customers can easily create and customize the “Accumulation and Investment Plan” online through Pinetree’s transaction channels (app and web).

15. What are benefits of joining PineFolio “Investment Accumulation Plan”?

The customers may purchase the PineFolio Portfolio by part. During the period of investment capital accumulation, customers will be entitled to accrued interest support corresponding to Pinetree’s support interest rate schedule for each period.

16. Can I pre-execute the “Investment Accumulation Plan”?

YES. The customers are entitled to perform the “Investment Accumulation Plan” in advance. Customers can also adjust the expected purchase date on “Investment Accumulation Plan”.

17. How is the accumulated value calculated when making an “Investment Accumulation Plan”?

Expected Accumulated Value = Value of each stock in PineFolio Portfolio when making “Accumulation Investment Plan” at the ceiling price on the planning date + Provision rate for price fluctuations is set up for each period.

18. When is the “Accumulation Investment Plan” completed?

The “Investment period” is completed when stocks purchase order of PineFolio Portfolio is executed, then the customers will be entitled to the corresponding accrued interest support.

“Investment Accumulation Plan” is completed when all “Investment Periods” of the Plan have been completed.

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