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A successful year of HFT Securities Corporation
News January 7, 2019

A successful year of HFT Securities Corporation

A successful year of HFT Securities Corporation

At the beginning of 2018, following the exciting development of the market at the end of 2017, the VN-Index surpassed its historical peak to set a new record with 1,211.34 points on April 10 with an average trading value of 3 months. at the beginning of the year, it reached over 7,500 billion dong / session. But then, the market began to fall into the period of the sharpest decline since the economic crisis 10 years ago. The volatile market made the Vietnamese investors community face many difficulties, reduced the efficiency of investment, even lost.

HFT has long been known as a pioneer securities company in the trend of 4.0 technology in Vietnam. With the strategy of focusing on Online securities products and services with stable technology platform and high speed, thus saving costs for investors. While many securities companies stimulate demand by promoting brokerage recruitment to attract customers, HFT focuses on researching and launching cheap product packages such as Warren, Soros, and Fisher. Customers can also use margin services with super low interest rate of 9% / year. In the beginning of Q2, when the market started showing unfavorable fluctuations, HFT decided to launch a super product FM100 – exempting 100 million profit margin to support customers.

Not only stopping at the products and services with many incentives at reasonable costs, HFT also continuously diversifies the ecosystem of utility services with a high level of technology and automation. In 2017, HFT had a product to open an Online account, in 2018, HFT integrated additional connection of automatic collection and payment service or connecting with Vietnam Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV). BIDV @ Securities online account to help customers be able to actively invest on a bank account linked to a securities account opened at HFT.

With the interest of the investor community, in 2018, the number of investors opening accounts at HFT has the highest growth so far, bringing the total number of customers of the company to nearly 10,000 people. The company also develops equally all aspects of brokerage services, financial advice and achieved impressive business results. In 2018, HFT achieved revenue of over 12 billion dong, after-tax profit of over 5 billion dong, growing by 44.6% and 35.1% compared to 2017. Thereby, fulfilling 120% of operating revenue targets and 111 % profit targets assigned by shareholders.

The focus of HFT’s development strategy in the future is to invest in technology and increase utilities. In early 2019, HFT promises to launch a smartphone trading APP with many utilities such as trading system integrated robo advisor, trading signal system. HFT aims at a modern and high-speed technology system, convenient on all devices, diversified utilities are important factors to continue supporting customers to invest effectively. The effectiveness of customers is the thorough orientation of HFT.

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