Pinetree Securities signed a cooperation agreement with Lotte Finance
Press release April 4, 2022

Pinetree Securities signed a cooperation agreement with Lotte Finance

Pinetree Securities signed a cooperation agreement with Lotte Finance

Press Release

No: 02/2022/TTBC-PTSV on 01/04/2022

Recently, Pinetree Securities Joint Stock Company (Pinetree) and Lotte Vietnam One Member Company Limited (LOTTE Finance) signed a Memorandum of Understanding to promote strategic cooperation between the two parties to provide customers with superior product packages as well as financial solutions.

Cooperation agreement to build added benefit packages for customers of both sides, through safe investment and loan services; at the same time, approach a variety of customer base on digital platforms.

Through this agreement, the two parties also expect to bring a variety of financial options and solutions suitable for customers’ various consumption or investment decisions.

Regarding this cooperation, Mr. Lee Jun Hyuck, CEO of Pinetree shared: Pinetree continuously seeks and expands cooperation with many strategic partners that have suitable products and services to bring synergistic benefits to customers of both parties. With a full digitization orientation, Pinetree does not develop branches or brokers, but focuses on technology solutions. Strengthening partnership cooperation will help Pinetree expand our customer base as well as add a variety of superior financial solutions options to our current customers. It is known that LOTTE Finance is a finance company with 100% investment capital from LOCA Company – One of the leading credit card companies in Korea. LOTTE Finance’s financial services in Vietnam are developed based on customer understanding, combined with an advanced financial system and technology accumulated from LOTTE Card Korea.

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With the goal of becoming one of the best consumer finance companies in Vietnam, LOTTE Finance not only constantly creates, innovates, and improves our product quality, but also always be open, seek and cooperate with leading units and businesses to bring the best values ​​to Vietnamese consumers.

The signing event with Lotte Finance is one of the first activities in Pinetree’s journey to diversify partnerships, attract customers on multiple platforms with their attractive fee policies.

About Pinetree

Be a member of Hanwha Investment & Securities Company (Korea), Pinetree is focusing on developing digital platforms to accompany clients throughout entire stock investment stages, from basic learning to professional trading. With the advantage of capital and technology, Pinetree offers the most attractive fee policy packages in the market.

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About LOTTE Finance

LOTTE Finance is the first Korean credit card company allowed to operate in Vietnam. LOTTE Finance’s financial services in Vietnam are developed on the basis of modern and advanced technologies such as Fintech, Big Data. The company’s goal is to bring financial solutions that are flexible and suitable for the lifestyle of Vietnamese people.

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