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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Frequently asked question (FAQ)

  • What is margin service?
  • What is margin account? How do I open a margin account?
  • How long after completing the margin contract can I use the service?
  • Why should I use margin service? Margin benefits?
  • When trading on a margin account, do I have to bear interest? What is Pinetree’s margin rate?
  • What is the margin portfolio? What are loan rates of 30%, 40%, 50%?
  • What is a maximum term loan? What happens if I have not paid my loan at the end of the loan term?
  • Why do I have money but can’t buy stocks?
  • Why do I have money on my margin account but can’t withdraw?
  • Is there a way for me to pay off margin debt without selling stock?
  • Why are there many good codes lending by other securities companies but Pinetree is not allowed to enter the margin portfolio?
  • What are Pinetree’s retention, call margin and forcesell ratios? Will the company notify me when my account reaches the above rates? And how to handle it?
  • What is Pinetree’s debt collection mechanism? How to pay the debt yourself (pay off manually)?
  • How to transfer money / securities from regular account to margin account?
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