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Pinetree Securities signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Nam A Bank
News April 18, 2023

Pinetree Securities signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Nam A Bank

Pinetree Securities signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Nam A Bank

On April 17th, in Ho Chi Minh City, Pinetree Securities Corporation (Pinetree) and Nam A Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Nam A Bank) signed a strategic cooperation agreement, marking the cohesion in business activities of the two parties to bring out value financial product packages to customers.

This agreement establishes the scope of cooperation on the basis of the suitability of the strategic digitization direction, along with huge investment in technology, providing the most competitive preferential policies in the market.


On the side of Pinetree Securities, Mr. Lee Jun Hyuck – General Director – expressed his belief that accompanying Nam A Bank will bring convenient experiences and financial products to customers. As one of the first joint stock commercial banks of the Vietnamese banking system, Nam A Bank is serving millions of customers across the country with outstanding policies and preferential products. Nam A Bank’s digital ecosystem is invested and constantly expanding and developing. While Pinetree has the support and financial potential from Hanwha Group to develop towards comprehensive digitalization, rapidly increasing customer base thanks to a different strategy- no branches, no brokers and low fees. It can be affirmed that this partnership will help Pinetree and Nam A Bank take advantage of their strengths, support the development and distribution of products and services to the right customers with their needs thanks to the application of technology and understanding customer tastes.

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The cooperation process between the two parties is divided into several stages to maximize the potential and advantages of each side. Cooperation agreement to build added benefit packages for customers of both sides through safe investment services; at the same time, develop customer base on digital platforms.

With the goal of becoming a leading digital investment platform in Vietnam, Pinetree will continue to promote technology application, improve user experience and cooperate with strong partners with great potential to jointly develop and serve customers better services to Vietnamese life.

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