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Corporate bond issuance and listing advisory

Bonds are debt instruments, helping businesses to mobilize debt capital at a lower cost than bank loans. Enterprises need to have a plan to pay the interest and principal of the debt in a scientific and reasonable manner to ensure the right commitment to bondholders. Issuing bonds helps get the ideal leverage in business to implement good projects with high profitability in unfavorable capital market conditions.

Packaged services before, during and after bond issuance are provided ​Pinetree​ include:

  • Arrangement consulting, issuing agent.
  • Bond depository registration agent.
  • Bond payment agent.
  • Asset management agents guarantee the bonds.
  • Agents keep and manage bond accounts and provision accounts for debt repayment.

Services of ​Pinetree​ will help:​

  • Mobilize large amount of capital, long issuance term (usually 1 year or more).
  • Reasonable cost of capital (coupon interest rate is usually according to market interest rate, ensuring the match between the enterprise’s cost of capital and investor’s needs).
  • The procedure is simpler than that of a bank loan.

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