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Corporate restructuring advisory

Pinetree‘s activities contribute to promoting the development of Vietnam’s capital market and play a supporting role in corporate finance activities. Pinetree not only provides consulting services to customers, but also wishes to offer solutions to help customers healthy their financial situation and improve the efficiency of production and business activities.

Pinetree‘s corporate financial restructuring consulting services include:

  • Analyze and evaluate the financial status of the business.
  • Develop a plan for financial restructuring of the business.
  • Establish optimal solutions to restructure corporate financial situation.
  • Implement measures to restructure the financial situation.
  • Evaluation of the restructuring process and the plan to amend and supplement the financial restructuring plan.
  • Besides, Pinetree also provides support services such as:
    • Capital restructuring: Consulting on mobilization and effective use of capital sources in the overall long-term strategy as well as in each specific period of the Enterprise. In addition, Pinetree will advise on solutions for issuing securities (internally or to the public) to ensure the feasibility and financial efficiency of the Enterprise.
    • Consulting on financial risk management of the Enterprise: Analyzing the effects of changes in interest rates, exchange rates, stock prices, long-term investment bonds, etc., on the overall performance of the Enterprise.

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