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Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are a very popular tool of domestic and foreign enterprises for the purpose of implementing expansion and development strategies.

M&A require the consulting unit to have a team of highly qualified and experienced in handling complex legal issues as well as the needs of the parties to successfully implement.

Pinetree‘s consulting service on mergers, acquisitions and acquisitions includes the following steps:

  • Strategy formulation, search and selection of mergers/acquisitions.
  • Survey and determine the value of the business to offer a reasonable price for the acquiring organization.
  • Consulting on selection of merger and acquisition methods (acquisition, stock conversion…)
  • Consulting on related legal paperwork.

More specifically, consulting the Buyer (usually consulting on the acquisition of a large number of shares in Vietnamese companies) will include the following main steps:

  • Search and sort deals,
  • Market access report,
  • Due diligence,
  • Conduct transaction.

Meanwhile, consulting the Seller (typically consulting Vietnamese companies to find strategic shareholders for the securities issuance) will include the following stages:

  • Capital restructuring,
  • Prepare a due diligence report,
  • Draw up long-term development plans,
  • Prepare negotiation strategy,
  • Support the negotiation process.

Please contact the Investment Banking Department of Pinetree for more details.

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