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Rights Buy – Rights Buy Transfer

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Rights Buy – Rights Buy Transfer


Option 1: Registration via Pinetree web trading

At features “Transaction”, sub “Right info”, choose the sub-account then insert the amount of share that the customers want to register.



  • Time to request: 08h30 – 15h30 working day (form Monday to Friday,  excluding weekends/holidays)
  • The Securities trading account must have enough money for registration.

Option 2: Registration via Pinetree application AlphaTrading

At the feature “Right”, to register the buy right, choose “Buy” or “Detail”


You can transfer the purchase rights of additional issued securities. The transfer of these purchase rights is negotiated between you and the buyer regarding the price and method of payment.

Fee, tax regarding to purchase right transfer:

  • Transfer fee:
    • Same company: 50.000 VND/contract
    • Different company: 100.000 VND/contract
  • PIT: 0.1% contract value


  • Right to Purchase Securities Transfer Request Form (Form 18/THQ), 03 copies;
  • Document Proving Tax Declaration for transferring the rights to purchase securities issued by Tax authorities

OR Contract for transferring the rights to purchase securities allows Pinetree to deduct taxes based on the information provided in the contract.


  • Step 1: Both parties prepare the documents for transferring the purchase rights according to Pinetree’s instructions and send the original to Pinetree’s headquarters.
  • Step 2: Immediately after receiving the request to transfer the purchase rights, Pinetree will check the documents according to the instructions. If the documents are valid, Pinetree will deduct the fee and tax for transferring the purchase rights from the transferor’s securities trading account and then carry out the necessary procedures as required by the Vietnam Securities Depository and Clearing Corporation (VSDC).
  • Step 3: After the transfer is completed and approved by the VSDC, Pinetree will record the deduction of rights from the transferor and credit the purchase rights to the receiver if the transferor has a securities trading account at Pinetree.
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