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Deposit/ Withdraw securities

Deposit stock

Deposit/ Withdraw securities

  1. Deposit securities

Securities depository is the activity of receiving, depositing, preserving, and transferring securities to investors and helping investors to exercise their rights related to securities ownership. The shares will be transferred from the form of shareholder book to electronic data.

Necessary documents:

  • The securities depository form: 3 original hard copies (Download here: 06A form & 06B form )
  • Accompanied the shareholder book/ certificate of shares ownership


Step 1: Customers send the original hard copy documents to Pinetree.

Step 2: After received the document, Pinetree will process and send dossiers to VSD

Step 3: After receiving the confirmation from VSD, the Company will record securities balance in the client’s account and notify to client.

2. Withdrawing securities

Customers with securities depository account at Pinetree processing to withdraw with the following conditions:

  • Only withdraw securities in normal accounts.
  • Customers can withdraw part or whole of the securities they own.

Necessary documents:


Step 1: Customers Pinetree’s headquarters for procedures the process.

Step 2: Pinetree checks the information of the customer, support customer to completes the document, and send the document to VSD.

Step3: When VSD approves the application for securities withdrawal, Pinetree informs the customer to contact the Issuer to take the Book/Certificate of securities ownership.

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