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Withdraw money from securities account

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Withdraw money from securities account

Customers withdraw and transfer money from securities trading account at Pinetree to registered bank account by the following instructions:

  1. OPTION 1: Withdraw money via WebTrading

Please access the trading website https://trade.pinetree.vn/#/home/bang-gia/vn30 , log in to your securities trading account and follow the steps below:

Step 1: Customers select the “Transaction” section, select the “Deposit/withdrawal Money” function, then select the “Withdrawal” button at the top right corner of the screen.

Image 16

Step 2: Please select the sub-account that you want to withdraw money from, select a bank account, then fills the amount in “Amount withdraw” and press “Accept”

Image 17
Image 18

Step 3: Fills authentication OTP (or Matrix) and then press the “Accept” button to complete.

Image 20

2. OPTION 2: Withdraw money via app Pinetree Alpha Trading

Step 1: Customers log into Alpha Trading app, select the account icon in the upper left corner of the screen, select the utility “Bank transfer”, then click on “New request”

Image 22

Step 2: Select the bank account then enter the amount to be transferred in the “Amount” box. Please check the transfer information again and press the “Confirm” button. The system will ask customers to enter verification code, please fills your OTP (or Matrix) and press “Submit” to complete.

Image 23

Note when withdrawing/transferring money to bank account:

  • Customers who are foreign investors need to register a withdrawal bank account as an IICA indirect investment account.
  • For the money transfer transaction amounts less than 500 million VND: the system support 24/7 fast withdrawal with receiving banks in NAPAS system.
  • For the money transfer transaction amounts from and greater than VND 500 million: The system only supports withdrawals via the normal money transfer (CITAD) route with the time from 8:00 am to 3:25 pm from Monday to Friday, excluding holidays. In case you make a withdrawal after 15:25 on working days or on holidays/New Year holidays, the money transfer order will be made on the next working day.
  • Money transfer fee: Pinetree does not charge any money transaction service fee. Remittance fee is in accordance with the fee schedule of the transferring bank.
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