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Derivatives Product Policy at Pinetree

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Derivatives Product Policy at Pinetree

  Policy Content Note
I. Initial Margin Ratio (IM)
1 IM for VN30 index futures contract 17% According to VSDC regulation.
II. The margin asset management ratio (AR)
2 Safety Level (Level 1) 75% Customers will not be allowed to open new positions if the rate exceeds this safety level.
3 Margin Call Level (Level 2) 85% When exceeding this level, Pinetree will call for additional margin and customers must deposit more money or close their positions for AR rate being lower or equal to level 1
4 Force Sell Level (Level 3) 90% When exceeding this level, the customer’s account will have a portion of the position closed for AR rate being lower or equal to level 1.
5 AR after money withdrawal (in case customer account has open position) 75% Customers are allowed to withdraw their deposit if after withdrawing, AR does not exceed 75%.
III. Position Limit
6 Position Limit for VN30 index futures Individual Investor: 5000 contract According to VSDC regulation.
Institutional Investor: 10.000 contract
Professional Investor: 20.000 contract
IV. Payment of Loss (Variable Margin – VM)
7 Deadline for payment of VM incurred in day T 9h30 at T+1
(Day T: transaction date that incurred VM loss)
  • If the Customer fails to fulfill payment obligations on time, Pinetree will withdraw the deposit from VSDC and/or close position(s) to pay for the VM loss.
  • Investors should maintain a certain amount of money on the derivatives account at Pinetree to pay transaction fees and taxes. In case, derivatives account lacks money to pay taxes and fees during the day, the System will automatically withdraw money from the margin account at VSDC. Margin withdrawals will incur withdrawal fees according to the regulations of the Depository Bank.
8 Interest on advance payment of VM 150%*Margin interest rate applied at Pinetree
(Margin loan interest rates for general customers are as announced by Pinetree from time to time)
In case the VM loss payment cannot be collected at T+1, Pinetree will continue to process on the following trading days. Interest will be charged on late payment amounts.

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