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Experience high-speed derivatives investing with super-fast analytical charts and order placement shortcuts.

Extremely convenient with all actions on just one screen.

Why trading Futures with PineFutures

Pinetree focuses on investing in system solutions to provide customers with a smooth, convenient investment experience at the fastest speed in the market.


Fastest ordering

Fast order processing speed with high accuracy, large load capacity.

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Fast Advance trading

We integrated and implemented many features and functions into the WTS platform to support investors who need more advanced trading platform for higher performance of their investment.

  • Real-time price board by exchanges for intuitive market price view. It also provide “Watch list” function for more cumstomized price view.
  • Enhanced portfolio management and asset structuring.
  • Advanced conditional orders for building portfolio, profit-gain and loss-cut.
Flexible Margin

Convenient platform

All your transaction operation and management are packaged on one screen, which is more convenient and time-saving.

Flexible Margin


Superior Derivatives Chart

Viewing chart with full screen at super fast real-time update speed. Saving layouts and sharing charts conveniently.


Effective Tool

Powerful trading tools

Diverse order placement tools, effectively serving all investors' needs.

Effective Tool

Cutting Edge Platform

Super quick order Basic and pro order placement screen, serving the diverse needs of all investors.
Update VN30 trend Monitor the impact of the Underlying Asset - VN30 Index on Derivatives
Optimal order book Check the order book on the same screen, cancel and edit order easily.
Quick action buttons Close, and reverse orders with just one click.
Realtime risk management Monitor real-time visual asset utilization rates to ensure trading account safety

Easy Signup

Experience Derivatives Trading at Pinetree Fast, safe, convenient
Step 1
Open Securities Trading Account at Pinetree

Download the AlphaTrading app and open an Account in just 2 minutes here.

Step 2
Open Derivative Account

If you already have a Securities Trading Account, open a Derivatives account here.

Step 3
Deposit Margin and Start Trading

Please refer to instructions for margin depositing and trading here.


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Derivative - Pinetree Securities

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