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Product Policy – PineB Fix

Product Policy – PineB Fix

  1. Preferential Rate by NAV
Preferential Rate by NAV (*)
Từ 2 tỷ VND đến 5 tỷ VND0.1%
Trên 5 tỷ VND0.2%

(*) NAV is the total value of PineB bonds (including Fix, Flex, Growth) that the customer is holding. Preferential interest rates only apply to PineB Fix products.

2. Interest rate when request a transfer before the investment period end date

TermPenalty Rate

For example: A customer buys PineB Fix term 3M yield 5% with the investment amount of 10 million VND, holds for 2.5M, then request a transfer to Pinetree before the investment period end date. The actual yield (assuming fee and tax is 0) will be calculated as follows:

Yield = Investment value * (Yield rate of the term nearest to actual time of bond holding – Penalty rate of 3M period) * Actual investment days/ 365

The nearest term to the actual time of bond holding (2.5M) is the 2M, assuming 2M yield is 4%

=> Yield = 10 million * ( 4%-1.5%) * 75 / 365

Depending on Pinetree’s policy from time to time, Pinetree has the right to accept or not accept customers’ requests in case customers request transfers before the investment period end date.

3. Minimum number of bond holding days to make a transfer request before due date: 14 days, applicable to all investment periods.

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